About the man behind the blog.

There isn’t anything special about me.  I’m just one of billions on this planet just trying to get through it like everyone else.  This blog will merely be a cultivation of musing and thoughts in my walk on this planet, wherever or however I get to that very end that we all will eventually reach.

Until that end, I am a man all about relationships and my faith.  What guides me is my curiosity towards people.  I’m always observing people and things.  I have these eyes that are always glued to the environment no matter where I am in life.  I have a very creative mind that is always in overdrive no matter where I am.

I think you’ll find this blog interesting enough.  In the end, truly, its therapeutic for me to do so I don’t care too much about how many might read this or not, but it’s mostly for me.

I still hope at least one person might find this entertaining or interesting.